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how many times have i told you not to ring bells? they can dent or scratch and they make dogs crazy

so childe mordicai to the dark tower came. its a vastly diffrent story, but if you want to take king's narrative (& i think it's a good one) & paste me in, it shouldn't be too difficult. gunplay, warlocks, spiders- i do declare, sheriff, i think that man done stole my posse. though quite certainly he can't hold a candle to the extinction of the dinosaurs. see, bitches, i always come out on top. been thinking today. wrote some stuff at work; added a few layers of complexity to the religions in the vellic confederacy, explained why gillick was called on to toast hiroshima. hold on. stop the fucking presses!

what the fuck is this! i was looking up stuff on little boy, trying to figure out which fission method it used (pardon my lack of erudition!) & say something clever about it if it was the gun-type (it is). anyhow, i came upon that article. now, i knew about the nuke survivor brigade japan has- the hibakusha as they are apparently called- & their predicable anti-war message. hell, as a geek i know all too well the essential message of japanese cartoon propaganda: "war is cool, i know. totally awesome machines & glory & stuff. but people die! man war is bad news. war is cool, but only if you fight robots or monsters. & if you find out the monsters are aliens, you should stop!" right? that is the robotech way! more or less. that whole zentraedi scene. "shit, we can fuck them? oh fuck lets have peace!" but right? the whole of japanese art-output is very clearly scarred by those two nukes. so thats fine.

but lets look at the actual things the article says!

"I believe that nuclear war has been prevented because Hiroshima was so horrible," ...
There is, of course, no guarantee we will continue to luck out.

i like the use of "luck out." do you know how to write to evoke emotion asshole? luck out? whew! the whole planet was impressed when we wiped out two entire cities with two bombs. now that those bombs are 100% obsolete & we have delivery systems that make the enola gay look like a fucking camel, we sure are lucky that worked! lucky number seven! knock on wood. the fucking dicks. give fucking credit to the doctrines of mutual assured anihilation when it is due you hippie fucking cock-sucker! the whole fucking point of this jap-crip's story is "oh fuck lets not do that shit again!" it isn't luck you cum-wad! its fucking terror!

India has the bomb. Pakistan too. So do the Israelis.

Nobody knows how safe the old Soviet arsenal really is. And it is probably only a matter of time before al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and/or Hamas get a bomb.

And then there is our president, who has put the "tactical" nuke card on the table.

& that kid down the street! & france! & fuck, i heard osama has a nuke instead of a pace maker & that when they fly him into america "when" they catch him he's going to blow it up! & the mob has a nuke! in fact, the russian mob sold it to them! & your mom has a nuke! your mom! like, chill out. okay, pretty much yeah, isreal has nukes. but you can't just say that! its still a pretend secret! fuck, dude, we gave it to them! probably. or whatever. but the part where you really hit stride is when you get all "hamas, plo, united arab emirates, bin laden, some fucking sand nigger or another! they will get one! i promise!" seriously, dude. maybe they will. but don't go all chicken little on my ass. could you, i don't know, use a little bit of journalism instead of just speculating?

It would be wonderful if nukes disappeared, but we know that won't happen.

what are you, ukrainian?

Masakazu and many others believe Japan would have surrendered without the bomb. The island nation was reeling from a strangling blockade and more Japanese -- about 100,000 -- perished in the low-level incendiary bombardment of Tokyo than in the initial burst of Little Boy. And, while it is legitimate to suggest that Japan was targeted out of racial hatred -- though even Masakazu says he doesn't fully buy that -- Truman's decision must be viewed in the context that, by even the most conservative estimates, some 50,000 U.S. soldiers would have died in an invasion of Japan. Too many more lives, from a president's point of view, to subdue an enemy that hit first.

It is a horrific algorithm. And one that, ironically, might have saved millions.

what the fuck is this fucking paragraph about, you fucking dickweed? the dude who actually got nuked it like "naw, it ain't about race." but you want to talk about legitimate arguments for racism? well how about i put it to you this way. only japanese people (a "race" i guess?) lived in japan. seriously, there were like, 3 non-nihonjin on the island. the island i mentioned? also a nation. that america was at war with. at a certain point, doesn't it become not racist to hate the nation you are trying to kill as many people from? i mean, okay, the american concentration camps, yes, those were racist. but hating the japanese? i think maybe a little more motivated by the fact that the japanese were doing their damnnest to be best-friends-forever with the nazis.

okay, that is point the first. point the second, uh, didn't you just do your own math? either a whole bunch of people on "our side" (aka the president's side) or a whole bunch of people on the "bad guy's side" (aka the people trying to take over the world) can die. so lets say a fucker asks you to choose. okay, your family hates that other family, & there have been fights. people killed even! so do you either want to a) kill 50 capulets & 50 montagues or b) kill 100 montagues? how is this not an obvious fucking choice? hell if they would have actually invaded, it is quite possible that it would have been more c) 50 capulets & 150 montagues. montagues who actually fucking started the war! i mean, i am on the side that says japan told america they were at war, & there were all the translator botches. i might even think the president let it happen. but that still means japan started it! what the hell did they think was going to happen? we would fight by hugging & trading puppies for kittens?

of course, since neither of them spoke the other one's language, the whole interview is kind of a joke, isn't it? i mean, i probably hanashimasu the nihongo better than that fucker. i mean, sure the soldier doesn't speak english, but its not like he's some evangilical nutcase. or wait, he is. fuck you, you pair of fuckers. speaking of a pair? yeah america dropped two bombs. not the one, not just one. two. you know why? people can debate why all they want. it is very clear why two bombs were dropped. a) "yes, we have more than one. we may have a hundred. arn't sure? go on & call our bluff." b) "you think we are fucking kidding? you think we are fucking KIDDING?" c) "yeah, we go the extra mile, huh? yeah russia i'm looking at you. hey, that whole 'winter in moscow' stratagy you've got is great. how do you like out 'we can make a small star' plan? enjoy fucking struggling for global hegemony."

what the FUCK? i'm not even drunk! but i'm talking about this shit? working on my novel, okay, that is an excuse. thats how this started. & jenny is asleep, fell right asleep after we had sex. so i'm bored & on the internet. but since when did i care about...oh, right. nukes. i do like me some nukes. usually i am very dismissive of reporters, but since gillick is the little boy, it turns out that i am possessive & jealous of the subject. if jenny wasn't little-nemo-head, i'd watch more gilmore girls, but alas it is not to be. maybe i should just wrap up here & hit the sack. oh for dreams, the things such things. such things i am made of. oh fuck man i've been having some sporadic nightmares. not like they are anything other than chronic? but back to the "wake up with a case of the gasps" sort of thing. stupid, stupid being alive. anyhow, i will go to bed & think about the intersection of the balach "angel/devil/fey" trifecta, the pardal animal headed gods, & all that rot. then tommorow i'll go to work & be a total fucking cipher. i'll lie like crazy! its what i like to do. "happy holidays." i mean, um, i wish i could crash land in the andes with you, so i'd have an excuse to murder & eat you.

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