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i sat & forever i'm at work here.

i can't even remember what i was going to post about. i've been drinking wine (in moderation!) & watching david's present for us, the second season of the gilmore girls. which is probably going to be the best thing ever, now that stupid max medina isn't making out with lorelai! she's luke's girl! also, jenny finally has realized that lorelai is basically a less evil version of me. because that part where she folds the map is true, that happened to me. i think jenny was even there that time that it happened to me. waltz of doom! chernabog unveils his wings on bald mountain! haha fuck gilmore girls is probably super greatest favorite ever! i like it with the enthusiasm of the otaku! oh, okay! i just figured out that jenny is emily! nobody told me! oh shit. gilmore girls, the prisoner, twin peaks, firefly, sports night, you know. good television is today's globe theater. though i guess i hope that doesn't mean that joss wedon is shakespeare. that would be fucking weird. oh man kiss me lorelai gilmore.

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