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-hear the goblin king, o khazad! do not harden your stone hearts against my words! for are we not both the step children of iluvatar? did that spirit not command your father to raise up his hammer against you, his children? so too with us, the goblins! so jealous is eru of his children that he would cast aside their best-beloved for his own designs only! by aule's toils did you come into exsistance, & so it is with us! melkor who is called morgoth labored in secret, with fire & steel, to find our goblin-forms hidden in the body of the quendi! the yrch from the elves, o hail the goblin! & now iluvatar would have you believe you are his bastard get, his barely tolerated half-caste children, when you in truth owe him nothing! in all of wide ea is there a place set aside for you? the elves go west to valinor, & when men die we know not where they go but that it is a place prepared for them by eru! where then the orcs & dwarves, i ask? to lie deathless like durin beneath the earth, forgotten for all time? to be cast into the void with morgoth, he who alone strove against the tyrrrany of iluvatar? he who the hounds of valinor were set against? who strove against the light of the trees so that we, his people who love darkness, could inherit the earth? why do we dwarves & goblins struggle with each other, when our forms are alike? we are as brothers, the cast off, the downtrodden! let us rise up against valinor & spill the blood of the slave-master manwe & his whore-mistress varda! let us crown our kings with the nauglamir set with the silmarils! rise up with me oh naugrim so that we may take our rightful place as the princes of middle-earth!

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