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that smell at the store? o it isn't anything. just the rotting fucking garbage they we are stacking in the center aisle of the text book shelves in the back. why are we storing garbage? comeon! its only four weeks worth of garbage. it hardly smells like rotting garbage all the time either! when i spray the air deoderizer it smells like chemical death for about ten minutes! its not like it is anyones fault. except for the owners, who havn't payed the garbage pick-up company for the past three years. thats totally excusable! how were they to know that if you don't pay the garbage company, they won't pick up your garbage? i don't mind that much anyhow. i mean on saturday christopher & janell & i had to pick up all the rat eaten bags & all the fast food garbage lazy fuckers had put in the pile & all the torn & strewn around garbage. pick it up, put it in new bags, & then bring it inside the store. to store the garbage in the center aisle of the text fucking section. because the owners havn't paid the garbage people in three years. but hey, they've known about this problem for only a week & a half. we can't expect them to have gotten on top of things. its tough, you know, making the big desicions. like how long to have your employees wallow in filth. whatever, though. its not like we are the only one of their stores with any growth. i mean, 109% in november? fucking chump change. might as well reward us with a big pile of garbage YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES. you fucking sons of filth-chimps. & as shitty as this might be? as awful as turning our store into a mini-staten island is? as totally incompetant & fucked-up as this proves you are? it still galls me less then saying the location at the cornor of flatbush & nostrand was too far away. too far away? TOO FAR AWAY? its in the middle of the busiest fucking intersection in the world, in a location large enough to accomodate all our growth, & it isn't more than 50 meters from our current location. 50 meters, i might add, towards the fucking subway. point of fact, at the fucking subway. you could have said "rent is too high" or "can't afford to rennovate" or any other of a million excuses, but "too far away?" o you fucking three magi! you kings of the orient! you rival fucking solomon, you upright swine!

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