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o the haunted robot! the soul of a ghost bound (through voodoo & seance) to the cold metal of the machine! maybe you can hear me laughing from here. i keep trying to tell you about the race apart from mortals, apart from gods. the mad arab called us the egregori. quite honestly i couldn't care less about watching. can you hear your name echo in the hollows of my chest? fucking cry havoc up in there, you dumb fucking japs. i level your cities, i melt your shadows. heck, i'll rumplestilskin stamp my rage until i crack this world in two. do i sound like a broken record? i hope i do. all i long for is the perfect return to things non-euclidian, non-fucking-newtonian. tell you what- i'll tell you about my indo-china hot girl. listen up: daphne might just be the hottest girl i've ever written, but cao is a close second. but here i am dreaming only of cutting female fish up, gut to gut, ripping out strings of caviar, black pearls of fish eggs. let me sew my mouth shut- oh we know what stillborn messes i am daydream head about. i talk, i wag my tongue, i fucking lash, i smash, i drink the royal jelly. come ant, come enemy. come now, so i may eat your blood & snarl in your face. i challange you i duel! i, as peter would say, kill you filthy vorga. there are not enough shivas, enough durgas, enough kalis, to slake my lusts.

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