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so i guess jenny's ex-roommate was just the musical guest on david letterman. i guess sparrowhills will be here sunday. then sarah will be in town for the new years trauma-drama. o & i guess cortney will also be in the big apple for that bash-smash-crash. lets see what rome looks like when it burns! or at least, thats what i kept telling caligula. hey well when i say paint the town red i fucking mean it, thimble & cross, bell book & candle. i learned about grand-gougal & shit as well! fucking re-run central. the bookstore was a bit of here, a bit of there. progroms, projects. welcome to the 21st of december, the day of stalin's birth. o i guess there was something, there was a bit & a monster. speaking of monsters, i watched lilo & stitch tonight. i recomend taking a few fish to that aquarium! take a few fucking swings on that golf course! o also- rasp poetic! cate blanchette (o galadrial o valinor!) gweneth paltrow (most mermaid-like of all girls).

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