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man i just feel like my brain is dribbling out of my ears. watching fucking mortal kombat probably isn't helping that. it snowed today, maybe for the first time? oh so i suppose i could relate the actual events of the day (this day! o it wasn't so bad). we went to go see benji do some improv comedy at the upright citizen's brigade theater. benji wasn't very good, but there was a gut in a mexico shirt that was. o & a girl who i am pretty sure i know somehow. aviva & david were there, who i havn't seen since their wedding last summer. & somehow david convinced me that my face breaking happened after the wedding! it was confusing but it worked on me. then they all said i should take comedy classes. uh, no thanks. afterwords we (the we of jenny & me. its weird to have a "we" i think, that doesn't mean hive) met up with fordmadoxfraud in china town to eat dumplings & buy bootleg gear. then david & i crawled all over the place shopping. i did fucking good & now i'm done & fuck, its pretty great to not have to look for any more presents.

o & in casual conversation with aviva jenny talked about taking a hiatus from work this summer to go to la to make a movie. which was the first i've heard of it. i was a little head-spun about it. i mean, surprise surprise. jenny taking an extended leave of absence from my life without even talking to me about it? reminds me of prague. since it is exactly like prague. except, maybe we're a lot stronger & a lot better & its only a month. a month isn't so bad, right? thats only four weeks. its just...well, i don't know. she hadn't even mentioned it to me. of course i reacted badly! i feel badly about it. because i have a fucking abandonment complex! duh. fucking duh. fucking god-damn. oh hell let me talk about the great wall of the draftsman!

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