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the hungry theif (a parable): THAT FOOL GOT SHOT!

ghosted out work an hour early yesterday, since i wisped in like a wraith an hour early. lo i can, annointed with crissom, to the place of the god-thing claws, where i honored that crimson god's relentless hunger by participating in Commerce. then, that grave avatar of winter appeased (lest he plauge me with a rash of unsightly time travel) fordmadoxfraud & i went to his apartment where special agent dale cooper watched a dwarf dance & we watched the level on a bottle get lower. i never eat egg foo young, it is against my better principals, & yet! it was eaten, its bones were broken & we sucked out the marrow. & then, avaunt home! upon a-lighting at my stoop, i saw the night enfleshed, broke its bones, & sucked out the morrow. & yet here i am! always frustrated, this "no more tommorows" agenda of mine. o lonely soldier! i stand between the shadow & the light & i seek to snuff that light forever. cut the wick & stain all our yesterday with the ink of no more forevers. all the sky opaque!
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