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after talking to david about the quote accompanying the sabbat antitribu in the VtM revised? ("Who would have known a woman of her size would have had so much blood in her? Besides God. God knows everything. Can we get someone to clean this up?") i decided to wander through the book the quote is from. you know, mining it for ideas, lines, whatever. at the time i was also working on Gillick's profile, for my novel, so i was looking for cheap & easy inspiration. anyhow, i came across one of the things in the vampire metaplot that i had a strong opinion on. the harbingers of skulls. or in otherwords, the reborn cappadocians. now, here is the thing. a few score cappadocians who escape the great giovanni purge by hiding out in the lands of the dead, & return centuries later? fine & good. but the idea that they are somehow scary, that the giovanni should be worried? HELLO? the fucking giovanni wiped out the cappadocians when the gio's were just a bloodline. they've had several hundred years to grow into bigger bastards. a couple of shriveled up elders coming out of the shadowlands to extract their revenge? um, maybe you didn't get the memo where the giovanni kicked your ass the last time? anyhow, yeah- even though it never happened, that was going to be one of the climactic moments in my sabbat game, in ohio. where the bishop (moi) betrays the archbishop (deedee, or deidre, the walker of the veinous stair) to the giovanni. big fight, lots of slaughter, you know. cinema. cest la vie.

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