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thats just the way it is, innit?

so we closed the store early & rolled out the red carpets for peter's birthday last night. either that or, well, no. we did close the store early, but it was hardly a parade. there were no trombones, as i'm sure there should have been. i couldn't be more sure of anything. trombones, & exploding cigars. anyhow, everyone ended up flaking out- magdela called off with a bone chilling tale of having to do something with her god-mother, victoria begged off saying she was too sleepy, marsha just never showed, & ditto with janelle. which meant jenny was one of the only two girls that went to david's. david did his whole dashing chef thing, showing us a good chunk of irish hospitality. there was a whole lot of wine drunk (wine! at david's! only christopher touched the scotch, i think) & basically the motley crew was small in number- myself, jenny, peter, david, christopher, peter's brother, peter's brother's girlfriend. like i said, everyone bailed out at the last minute. thats like looking at the normandy beach & decided its too scary! fucking chicken. now that the inaugural list is out of the way, lemme jump right back on that horse & make another one, the food one: that lamb stew that david serves over pasta, colcannon, guiness gravy, macaroni & cheese & guiness, garlic stuffed chicken, pork of some sort, whiskey cake & guiness brownies. david likes to cook with alchohol, thank heavens. anyhow, peter's mundane brother was far less annoying taken out of context, & his girlfriend wasn't nearly as bad as i was expecting. so thats good news. yeah, we drank & goofed off, then waited too long for a bus in the rain. from there it was smooth sailing, though, as it normally is for me. b3 to the f train, then just breeze on home to the 7th ave. station. i was holding out hope that i was going to get laid? & i think i would have, too, except by the time we finally got home, jenny had to go to bed, since she woke up early this morning (since she had to wake up early the next morning, really. but the next morning is this morning! o tense). but for a minute there on the train, i thought i had a shot. this morning though? she was so considerate! she took the computer into the other room so she wouldn't bother me. that was awful sweet of her.

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