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the war chariot of alexander beetle.

& so i guess the infection has spread to my lungs. or maybe "colony" is a better word than "infection." awoke this morning with what felt like a big chunk of dried phlem in my chest. i toddered sleepily into the bathroom to cough it out into the sink, where i could wash it away, & the next thing you know, i was practically wracked in two. clutching the side of the porcelin sink with one hand, leaning against the wall with the other, shaking back & forth with all the fury my (small, i always seem small) body could muster. hacking something up, something sharp-edged & barbed, something wriggling. i'm wrapped up like a scarecrow in blankets, & its like these fucking things are the insects crawlign around in my straw. by the time i realize what the ferric taste is in my mouth, the fucking thing has already started trying to thrash itself down the drain of the sink. its hooked tentacles wove in the air furiously as i picked it up, & walked it over to the other room to put it in the aquarium with all the rest.

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