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murder, throughout all the baronies of earth.

oh yeah, no shit paizo suddenly has an online store stocked with all the stuff a gamer might want? no fucking kidding! i guess that would explain your new "featured marketing" section, wouldn't it? fucking paizo. when i first subscribed to dragon it was pretty decent. not spectacular or anything, but there were things in there i liked to read. since the 30th anniversary of dnd, they've remade it in the image of wizards of the coast's dark side. i don't mind advertisements, as i've said time & time again. i welcome them, especially game related advertisements, because maybe i want the product they are pushing. but seriously, you don't have content anymore. you for sure don't have reviews. your reviews are always glowing, your articles are all basically an excuse for product placement. so fuck you! i'm done subscribing.

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