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the king of hand grenades & i sat down to tea this afternoon...

gosh darn! spiderweb'ed brains today, you know, tumor-like ververs scarring up in the grey matter. oh let me tell you about all the cunning ways torture can be worked into the shadowplay that accompanies my day to day affairs. that silhoutte cast by every day life, that vivid world of imagination & espirit d'esclaire. or more like espirit d'straightrazor. but things have been swell, here afloat this sea of blood. the tempest that rages at the ocean's heart is me; i am no whirlpool, but a column that rises to the sky, babel-like, defying god with more flair than babylon. come unto me you blasphemers & haters, come to where you babelong. oh lucky day it was when i came unto this world, full of darkness & steel. when i distilled hellfire into philosophik brimstone. come phoenix & burn this world free of impurities!

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