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uffish thought.

oh & i forgot. playing charades with jenny & carla & andrew & tony on uh, thursday night, i guess? i guess. you know you're right. lots or hors devours, a little spritz of vodka, & they are off. turns out we're all pretty good at charades, i think. we didn't really know how to play, which was sort of the fun of the thing, right? god playing charades sounds lame but do i fucking care? yesterday was dnd, moved from sunday due to everybody & their co. visiting california all december. the big fight a-brewing? was avoided. somehow my morally ambiguous half-orc monk (living construct subtype) is the only person who doesn't want to fuck over the utopia we found. its funny, right? anyhow, got rid of some lame crown of shadows for some useless eye of the dragon staff & then got rid of that staff too. now our fighter is on leave from his duties as a soldier in the iron kingdom, our cleric is finally going to have some time to make magic items, & our paladin is going to go visit his girlfriend. maybe the druid & me can go visit his pet tiger at the sacred grove. i'm not making any sense. i'm seriously out of it.

i'm going to buy a christmas tree this afternoon. fucking christmas. its all about jenny getting mad at me.

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