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the haunting of the graham cracker.

if you say "black" & you mean it like "italian," i guess that's kinda okay. though i do totally prefer christopher's "diasporic africans" over any sort of "african-american" nonsense. anyhow, i was just putting ketchup on this fish jenny had left-over from lunch? & i was thinking about how weird it is to put hot sauce on fried chicken, & how dave chapelle thinks white people like mayonaise. hell, i hate mayo. but the thing about wash cloths is maybe true- at least, i don't use one. & the loofah thing is pretty much chick turf. oh my heavens i'm so not exfoliated! i dwell in my own filth! or well, i don't think so so-much. i'm naturally clean! i'm like charcoal! listen- i'm in a pretty decent mood this morning & i don't know what to do about it. listen to andrew wk & queen? is that a good plan? because that's what i've been doing. oh, hey! its almost time to leave for work, that'll be an exciting adventure. i'll ride in the magical subterrenean tunnels. that's a smart idea, smarty-pants.

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