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a real small place.

i do miss her! its true. today was the day i was going to make sure the store closed at 8 so we could close & get home. like always though it got tangled. david's writing group was staying late, or at least drinking over reading; christopher had missed his train to chicago & was gonna show. so i, invited, passed on the invite to jenny. she said maybe. later when i called her once i'd gotten back to park slope she said she maybe would show but didn't want to hurry to get ready. but she (this is true!) encouraged me to hang out with david at the bar. i'm telling you, she practically had to convince me into it. i dunno. its the opposite of being uh...its the opposite, its the looking glass version. oh man. tonight is easy, because i have her here. but its one of those things where i can tell. without an anchor i'd be adrift. i'm probably the worst boyfriend ever. at least, i feel like i'm the jerk tonight.

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