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as it turns out, calamity jane's last name was burke.

crumbled a bit this morning. for a while at least. coined my new motto. i AM happy & it doesn't change a god-damn thing. sent of a suite of emails, like dancing coffins. you know what i mean- brilliantly choreographed, & you can hear my zombie banging around inside with desperation. think of the nutcracker suite & replace it with the scarecrow suite. think "night on bald mountain" with more hideous organ players. then undercut that organ with a harpsichord. all kinds of intruments with keys (comeon unlock me, i'm a black sapphire & my heart is a panther flaw). um. wrote cortney talking about how/why we can't get our shit together to even be friends over the internet. which i'd like. thats something thats been on my mind since we talked a couple of weeks ago. i don't know. i just like people who know i'm not joking. i'm not talking tough or anything. i'm not just fluffing up my feathers. i'll be the end of this everything. i'm the punchline to this joke. i've got more apocalypse in my little finger than all of meggedo. i keep having dreams that while i walk down flatbush avenue somebody is going to come up to me & give me a belt with a pistol & a sword strapped onto it, & tell me where i have to go to get my crown kether back. maybe thats how it'll happen. that would sure be swell.

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