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oh crap its world aids day no one use a public toilet!

i've got a glower with more curve than the rings of saturn. jenny came into the bedroom this morning & was all gorilla grooming me in my sleep- i thought (groggily) that it was so cute, until she said that she had found a blood filled bed bug on me. fucking hell's bells, you know what i mean? they are supposed to die if they can't eat for a week, they are supposed to be unable to lay eggs if they havn't fed, they are supposed to be vulnerable to permethrin, i've fucking fogged that god-damn room three times, we havn't slept in that room for more than 2 weeks, et fucking cetera. i <3 bugs with a feeling bred from a place out of this world, but parasites? i am obligated by my ethics to destroy them. these assholes just won't fucking die! our bedroom bristles with weapons meant to kill them, poisons & toilet paper for crushing, & somehow they don't even fucking care. does this mean that the apartment we share a wall with is the resevoir population? this shit is lame. time to tell the landlord that he needs to go hiroshima on this situation. maybe even have him call him the landlord of the adjoined building to get the other room to go defcon.

1 in 6 seniors in palm beach has the hiv.

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