mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

the stuffed bannana.

i guess introspection is the order, when humans have solitude. but i know the deeps of myself better than any of you fucking monkeys know the breadth of your yearn for trinkets. shine on, oh bauble, while i romance only the glim of the blade. the scent of cordite in my nose. or well, the symbols they stand for; in the far-tommorow, our weapons are ourselves. either that, or 24 hour hot tub parties. it is one or the other. seriously i'm hotter than two japanese chicks making out. & just fyi, japan trumps russia 10x. oh speaking of the rus? my little miss olive is coming to new york. i'm probably more excited than i'm supposed to be? but she gives the vibe of a soldier. rock & roll is our one on one. yeah! oh man i'm kind of sleepy. i plan on crashing in the bedroom- right? i am the test subject, jenny the control. am i rambling? yeah i'm fucking rambling. look between the cracks! i am the victor. xo.

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