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goodbye my blue asteroid (goodbye my coney island, goodbye my coney island...)

i keep thinking about pykrete cometcraft; glacial spaceships gliding silent through space, hideous spacething hidden within. you know, gods of voluptuous cruelty who even cryogenically frozen seem to writhe & seethe? oh how i hurled through the tombs of stars like a glistening javelin, a heart of pitch amidst a great ice spike, driven through the night, shedding a halo of ionized gas. oh yucatan your bosom was the bull's eye where my vessel did crash, blooming up from the ground. scattered, shattered; as we tumbled out, we lost our shared phantasmagory, our one self, our hive. oh babel, oh great ship! how our exile pains me even now.

make ready the terrible weapons.

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