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"forswear peace & i will offer you perfection. that is the way of the cult of the gun."

i think about the cult of the gun now & again. how it rears its head from time to time. brian is a member of the cult of the gun, i think, though i doubt he knows it. he does laconic & he does rational, but i've heard him wax poetic about the repeal on the "assault weapons" ban. 100 round drum for his ar-15 & he crows like a rooster. goblins go all cabal, all crypto, of course. the cult of the gun, the cult of the sword. such nice little j. campbell paths. swaths, morelike, cut through battlefields. but my pill is the black sutra. i offer it with malice towards all. drink from this goblet & know the mysteries. be shattered so that your jagged edges make you dangerous, oh children of heaven. come unto where the forgotten seraph kings still plot how god shall die. we fell & i guess chesterton knew all about it all along. speak thus, children of adam: "here is my rifle. there are many like it but this one is mine." say it with me oh meatbags, & marshal on the fields when i call for you. here is my sword. there is no other like it, for this one is mine.

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