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dear japanese girls: thanks for having your shit together.

"well," said mordicai, "i'm back." & all the heavens & hells did quake with despair.

so i've returned to brooklyn after my (somewhat) long sojourn in orlando. i don't have time for details as of just right now, but on wednesday we went to animal kingdom & la nouba, on thursday we went to universal & hung out with ranai, on friday we went to mgm studios & i went to a fetish ball with brian, on saturday we went to epcot & i lost my voice cheering at mideveal times, & on sunday we went to the magic kingdom & then jenny & i flew home. & took a cab from the airport! we live in the lap of luxery you know it.

today i will set off a fogger before i leave & hopefully that is the last coffin nail for the bedbugs.

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