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so if i make the most recent song "(oh cherubim!)" do you think anyone will notice that its about fewmets & ecthroi & Xing? its about the void as salvation, about nothing as a way of everything? damn it, all i can think of is words with no- in front of them. no-nothing. no-suit, no-body. punk jews i think maybe. abandonment as a way of life (for 65,000,000 years & running). threads streached across the sky, black threads that paint the heavens in mourning. you are always veiled, & in the end, the moon is always marred by craters. fucking pizza face. oh kerubim. did i mention i get scared? sometimes i get scared. i'm just being honest. i know the score. in the end i win, but its fucking close. the game goes into overtime.

this morning, i woke up, had sex with jenny. made love, i guess? man she means a whole lot to me. i told her on the phone- she really is the icing on my gingerbread man. anyhow, i invited gravy_puddles over to watch some gilmore girls, & so she did. its really swell to hang out with lauren, because besides being really awesome? she lives just down the street. i really like neighborhoods; even though she's kind of far down the street? its such a funny thing to think of. "far." she's like, closer than i walk to the subway. man have i mentioned how much i like living in new york, or more specifically, in brooklyn? its all crazy great these days, 'hood wise.

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