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my favorite oven temperature is 350 degrees.

you know something i've always hated? that in good omens, the apocalypse-horseman pestilance is replace with "pollution." there is some mumbo jumbo about how pestilance was never the same after the invention of penicillan, etc? but what a bunch of fucking hooey. every heard of aids, neil? how about ebola? hey, you know, i think i heard something about various bacteria developing an immunity to every fucking antibiotic humans have. where as pollution? don't get me wrong. global warming is real, resources are limited, so on & so on. but comeon. compared to pestillance? shove off. on a related note, i hate when people complain about nuclear waste like it is the worst thing ever. guess what fucker? the plastic around your morning star faux-burgers will last just as long! the coal burnt to light up your apartment is far worse than the water boiled to light up a guy's apartment in perry. so fuck you, just...fuck you. on the other hand- car manufacturers? this "hybrid" car thing? can you fucking make it factory standard already? conserving forward momentum is the most fucking obvious & brilliant thing. seriously, make this the norm. i don't give a fuck if people want to complain about it taking longer to go from zero to 60 or lower top speeds. those are the same fucking morons who own an suv but live in the city. don't get me wrong, i'm not against petrol entirely. if you are a trucker or something? something where that efficiancy is needed? then by all means. i just want capitalism to be a little more long sighted.

last night i ran to the liquor store, & then i ran. came home with wine. because jenny was fucking drinking coffee at 10 pm (ten post-meridian)! she needed something else to put in her mouth (& yes, i had some ideas of my own, but no dice). we watched saturday night live, first thing, before matrix: revolutions. i think my opinion about saturday night live is this: jimmy fallon has been the most influential cast member since chris farley died, maybe even since mike meyers left. the thing is? jimmy fallon is NOT FUNNY. but he thinks everybody else is hillarious. which leads to him mostly cracking up every time he's in a sketch. on top of that, he's cute & likeable. which leads to this: the meta-joke. i mean, saturday night live is not funny anymore. its pretty much shit. but. but everyone seems to be having so much fun, that it becomes funny, watching them act unprofessional, splitting their sides with laughter. anyhow, thats what i think.cro

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