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so at one point the wizard says to the tin man something like "you know, how big your heart is is judged by how many people love you, not by how many people you love." i promise thats what happened! i only watched the movie for the wicked witch/flying monkeys part, but seriously, that is what that guy said. so now i am officially the biggest hearted creature ever. just think of how many people i've suckered into loving me! (ps if you are reading this, i don't mean you. your love i genuinely cherish. etc.)

watched the third matrix movie again tonight. i'm still kind of mystified that people didn't like it. like- the first movie was okay, but the freshman level philosophy had to go. the second movie was a little better, plus had way better fights. the third? man, getting sick of the whole "matrix fighting fucking thing" when you are making a matrix movie? is awesome. like, those guys decided to have the big fight be dudes in mecha! how can everyone hate that movie. & as she is apt to point out, jenny is the only person, famous or otherwise, to have anything intresting critical to say about it (e.g. the humans are all square frames & classical techno types, while the forces of the machine are all organic n' shit).

hey, speaking of video format. vh1 had this 40 least metal moments in history show. about half of them i agreed with. the other half? ridiculous! like, isn't having milton burle in your video in drag MEGA metal? also, & i swear this happened, that dude from anthrax with the funny beard? made fun of uh...europe. the band? for coming from sweden. then all the other guest hosts made fun of sweden. guess what fuckers? not only is bad-ass sparrowhills from sweden, but they are the only country (besides germany & arguably japan) actually making metal. so you fucking know-nothing. also your #1 top non-metal moment should have been metallica killing napster. way to go metal-lords! you are the fucking man! as in, "black people hate 'the man.'"

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