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mother goose died this morning of gingerbread poisoning.

yum yum, aum yum. my little sleepy faced mantra. yum yum, kali yug, yum yum aum yum yum. sleepy mcwakes is a good hindu motherfucker, boyee. yum yum. i'm so cheerful i could practically break in two! last night i went over to david's, okay? whats it to you mother fucker? yeah i read a comic book called "formerly known as the justice leauge" but thats not part of my story! i'm also not mentioning sending the thompson or taylor text kills back, so are we going to have a hissy fit about that as well, you freak? okay, fuck! david had gotten all this italian food. all i did yesterday was eat. anyhow, then we a) drank a little scotch b) watched "aqua teen hunger force" & decided it was pretty much crap c) played roms (king's bounty, which i was talking about earlier! & then golden axe iii) d) watched "him," an episode from buffy season 3. oh, & also watched singing in the rain & david was all lusty after that fucking chick in it, & that sing-songy street adress thing she does. i bet thats a weirdo bedroom kink in the making!

if hp lovecraft was a rapper he'd say "shib-nug, b!" & stuff, which would basically be the same as tickling a ticklish girl. i'd giggle like the fucking elmo doll. "my baby mommas, the bitch with 1000 young!" what the fuck, hp-dogg! you so crazy, all feuding all along the east coast! you & your pet pit-bull (the same dog that killed uh, that dunwich horror kid). fuck you you crazy ass negro! innsmouth represent! oh no my brain.

the new slang: "dobo" is a double hobo, a "trobo" is a triple hobo, & a "double dobo" is a super hobo.
usage: "that fucking trobo is so homeless, he sleeps in a can of paint. & then drinks it."
also, a snoop doggy dare beats a triple dog dare. just thought i should mention as much to you

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