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brain has a stroke!

better by meters & juju, you know? cubits & glamour. despite a real crappy cap on last night. went from work to meet jenny at carla's apartment, with andrew & jimmy. had some drinks- carla kept making awful shots of just who-knows-what. andrew & i stayed in the kitchen talking about not much. anyhow, we left at about 12, which is real early, right? anyhow, all night jenny had been being kind of crazy, like when she got all pissed at me for thinking it was funny that carla was letting claudio (a dog) drink jimmy's cocktail. anyhow, the way home was just, i don't know, twisted up. cold shouldered. i'm thinking it was just stress/annoyance drama, dealing with late-night trains running local. right? i don't think it was a big deal, though at the time it was kinda bad. anyhow, today is a new day. & my head is all straightened out! totally under control. not even in a "if i say it enough it will be true" kind of way. i had dreams of endless stairways. of edward "the hulk" hyde fighting along side ben "the thing" grimm. dinosaurs charging! robots, probably. so today i cut my hair, get some cleaning done. i really should do laundry, i really should. lets see if i get around to it.

wow, this is that tv show where a guy in the nsa can travel 7 days back in time, right? its terrible! this is the second episode of it i've seen, & damn is it just about the worst thing i've ever seen. badly written, & fucking insulting! haha oh fuck i can't believe they had wacko-voodoo-mamie-black-lady chanting shaka-zu! this is bogglingly bad, its so great. basically i'm watching spike tv in the hopes that they'll air another halo 2 commercial. have you see that shit, where master-chief is all like "fuck do i care, dude? i'm hard fucking core." that shit is awesome. speaking of awesome, did you know that there is going to be another star wars movie & its going to have darth vader in it? i heard that rumor somewhere. fucking darth vader. dude picks up people & chokes 'em if he wants to. thats a pretty sweet gig. nice work if you can get it.

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