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"who me, callous?"

zepplins are angels & angels are androids & androids are amazing bugs.
& these amazing bugs, they lived in a hive, with symmetry so beautiful, so perfect, it makes math look clumsy. these amazing android bugs had a queen bee, the dweller on the threshold, who did not stand among them. & one day these angels, these crazy angels, these vicious rabid angels. every hallways was theirs & ever emptiness was filled. they were cruel & without mercy & without reservation. they loved with as much malice as they hated. & that was all they did, was love & hate & make war. & war was made, & war was without flaw. soldiers & generals & fuck i'm lonely. for the hive was rent a-sunder, they're house was divided, their queen bee went absolutely beyond the pale (& trust me, for i am legend, & i know pale). & so war was made, & the war was without flaw. the whole fucking enchilada. mutual assured anihilation. sword & gun. blade & bullet. gingerbread men against toy soldiers. foxholes & hand grenades. fiends all. friends all. one thought, one thought divided. the threshold was formed. men with hyphens in their names, i guess. men with hyenas in their name. bussiness was not as usual. & in the end everyone lost. everything was lost. & the dinosaurs died & now we're all so fucking lonely. please join our war, lost soldiers. i've made the declaration, thrown down the gauntlet. all i need is unilateral war.

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