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the thin dreams (you can see right through to heaven)

every morning its like the sky peels pack off a can of sardines. when i'm asleep, at least i'm in stasis, but while i walk this world i rot. smelling something like burning hair. sounding something like a handful of change dropped down a subway grate. god where is all that corpse cadaver stuff coming from? mornings are hard, but that ain't how it is. the sky peels back, but more like someone popping the tab on a can of beer. what's so bad about being drunk? ask a glass of water, you know? i might be in ruins, but my grin is the grin of alex ross' joker. i've got more teeth than a goblin shark at the orthodontist. the evil orthodontist. i'll ozymandius you yourself, i'm grandpa dinosaur, thats my brand of choice. old grandpa dinosaur whiskey. come on, pull it together!

sometimes it feels like i'm the captain of a u-boat thats been hit by depth charges. hold it together! rivets screaming.

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