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so i just watched the others, & i can only think about what a great wraith: the oblivion game it was (or would be, more to the point). wraith was, i think, the most under-appreciated of the white wolf games. let me think about white wolf- my former brand of choice. not a speck on the shadowrun system, but you know how i like my night-time faerie-tales.

werewolf: the apocalypse was never too my liking- the whole earth-mother thing, while somewhat intresting, didn't really have any sort of mythic resonance. that, & the whole goody-two-shoes thing. if they had more monstrously persued their agenda, like the red talons (?), that would have been one thing. also, pentex? the "i hate big bussiness" poster child? come on. pentex was a captain planet villian. that said, some of the later muddling about with the diffrent changing breeds? did have some starch in it. oh, & the umbra et cetera? also blew. totally lame.

mage: the ascension? don't get me started. i pretty much hate consensual subjective reality in the first place. on top of that, the technology versus magic angle is so played out, so 80s. so crushed innocence. there were some attempts to bridge that technomagic gap, but the technocracy always stood there, like a lame villian. listen up, bub- the order or hermes was filled with really shitty chemists. thats all alchemy is! bad science. or if you like to think of it more precisely, proto-science. seriously, whats not magical about living in a city with buildings that scrape the sky, trains that run underground, iron birds that can take you from one city to the next in hours? i can send a letter to someone in japan instantly! i can hear their voice! fuck you mage. also, making all the other world of darkness critters basically lame "static magic" using second-raters? seriously, fuck you mage. also, paradox is an ad hoc piece of bad game balance, & just how conversant in spheres are the characters? seriously, can my dreamspeaker talk about spirit 3, matter 2? doesn't he have to mumble some shit about medicine & whatever?

in my dnd game tonight, we fought a bunch of incorporeal undead. hoxa four-tusks kicked a lot of ghost-ass, if i do say so myself. maybe i was the single most effective combatant this time around. plus, i didn't die! dropped to negative 10, but i was fortunate fated! oh, & i also went insane & was comatose, but thats why we let our cry-baby cleric stick around, right? he's gotta pull his weight somehow!

changeling: the dreaming. another seriously under-rated game. of course they never quite explained the real world/chimerical world/dreaming bit very well. probably the biggest flaw in the game, quite frankly. well, if you over look the total travesty that was arts/realms/bunks. the realms, those i liked. i GOT those, & i thought the catagories were quite clever. the bunks, uh, were pretty universally loathed (to say nothing of the cards!) but eventually kind of ended up as some kind of somatic or verbal componant limiting total successes, so i've made my piece with them. the arts, though? all sucked! man arts sucked. sometimes i daydream about running a changeling game with the mage spheres. that would be okay i think. oh (& this is a problem with players, as well as supplemental material) guess what guys? "unseelie" does not me impish prankster. your unseelie red cap should be eating babies. your unseelie sluagh should be creeping out of the closet to bring terror to children- absolute, psyche scarring horror. your unseelie pooka should be telling the kind of lies that wreck a marriage, that cause a massacre.

vampire: the masquerade. even kingtycoon admitted it was fun.

wraith, though. wraith, nobody liked. nobody except that weirdo derek, who liked it to the weird exclusion of all else. way to play a ghost in a campaign with no necromancers or mediums that one time, weirdo. though in a game with jay in it, weird is kind of relative. in a game with me in it, i guess. anyhow, wraith got used in the games i played in heavily as backround material, so i developed a fondness that way. but what an under-used game! the cosmology was richly textured, the arcanoi totally flexible, the history layered & vivid. maybe it was a little high concept? & i mean. i'd find the idea of pathos a little stupid, if it wasn't exactly what ghost stories are about. fetters & pathos define ghosts- or at least ghost interaction with the world. lose those, & the game turns into a grim stygian afterlife- again, evocative & intresting. wraith probably was the best made white wolf game, over all, though i think vampire is probably much more fun. i still want to run the campaign where gorool lives. i think one day i will.
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