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we are the champions, my friend!

for extra spooky, i downloaded "night on bald mountain" as my ringtone. & my wall-paper? MY SKULL. so i guess you could say its always halloween when i'm around! notice i say "halloween," distinguishing me from awful spookies, who would say "samhain." it was either going to be "night on bald mountain" or "debaser," so it was pretty win-win for me. anyhow, i've been trying to think of a clever way to glean good lines from my livejournal for use in my life, but its rough, you know? maybe i'll just stay after i close the store one night & cut n' paste, cut n' paste. also, i think i've decided on what adventure i would start my dnd/d20 campaign on; at least, the way out the gate- from there its all up to player inquisitiveness. i like my group- i think if i stress to them that the capaign is largely centered around what they're characters want to accomplish, that it will get along just fine. of course, i'll interrupt their character's striving for goals, but isn't that what (pretend) life is all about?

in other news, plans for disney world later this month (the 22-28th) are coming along swimmingly. jenny had joked about not wanting a traditional dinner, but i was saavy enough to question her about it later. she likes her holidays! i knew it was a bluff on her part. so anyhow, there will be turkey & stuffing & mashed potatoes, etc. as close to thanksgiving as it gets in walt disney's hood. other than that, plans have been laid, but they've been sent to me in spread-sheet form, so i have yet to look at them. i'm looking forward to hanging out with ranai while i'm down there; also, getting to hook up with brian will be fun; last time i was there, i only saw him for a few hours, & my mother bought him a caramel apple. fuck, disney world is the most surreal fucking place. i invited disfigurine again, since i had the BEST TIME EVER with her while we were there. i don't think she'll come though, more is the pity.

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