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all along the gallows that lined the forbidden city's road.

stop the presses! black people are more prone to sickle cell...& jews?! looks like hitler was right? oh fuck, man whose laughing now? those fucking nazis left in argentina, thats who! them & the dentist from little shop of horrors, but that dude is high on nitrous oxide, so whatever. oh, & that crazy guy in the 15th st/prospect park station; he's laughing too, but i think he might secretly BE a nazi! maybe i should go torture him to see if i can find out where he's hiding his stash of kugerands! what a world, what a world! maybe those corpsefucking weirdos on the outskirts of town know about this; we better wrangle up a posse to deal with them- i'll need a fighter, a rouge, & a wizard. no clerics! you how i get around men of the cloth. or women of the cloth, except if it was a hot nun, that might be hot. don't they have some comic about a nazi nun with a sword who fights crime?

speaking of comics, i read garth ennis' "punisher: born" today, & i really liked it! i was supprised; i've kind of soured on ennis, but maybe i judged too soon. also, peter pointed out something to me yesterday that i'd densly not recognized: in the sandman story where he's hanging out with all those stars? right, i caught that rao is superman's sun, i'm not totally dumb, but i missed that the blue chick with white hair is the ancestor to the green lantern midgets! so thats cool.

also: secret missions.

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