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tuesday, after voting, i went into the city, tried to find out about john flansburg's musical people are wrong, thought about trying to see a movie (preferably shawn of the dead) but thought i didn't have enough time since my phone hadn't adjusted for daylight savings time. i say save daylight, spendthrift! light night rule, & interrupt it only with nuclear fire. stopped by the strand to see illscientist & invited him over to peter's apartment for the electoral college thing. then i walked from 14th up to 51st to see jenny at the cathedral branch of the library. i have to remember- it seems like a good idea to visit jenny, but professional bussiness jenny is = to cold shoulder jenny, in a lot of ways. anyhow, then from there i walked down to 36th to meet up with andrew; then we got CHIPOTLE, which both of us fiend for in a major way, & then we met up with jenny, waited for her to close the library, then andrew took off & jenny & i went & got me a new phone on a new service plan. now i can actually get cell phone reception in my apartment, huh? finally it was time to rendezvous with peter & co. or i guess, shakespeare & co., since it was christopher, david, peter, jenny & me. all employees, if you could that one day jenny worked there for fun. we got fucking damaged. the ill scientist showed up, & we kept drinking. oh fare the well. jenny fell asleep on the couch, but eventually woke up & we went home. it is nice to drink at peters, because then home is only like, 5 blocks away.

wednesday david called me & told me not to come in, due to owner drama. dumb old owners. so wednesday i went grocery shopping, then kind of goofed around watching spike tv (star trek the next generation, ugh, macgyver huh?) while waiting for the proper time to join forced with ravenface. we were all set to adjoin at the docking station formally known as mid-town comics, but events conspired at the last minute to prevent this. so i walked up to the sky-tram & took it over to roosevelt island (hoping for the green goblin to attack) picked up jenny, ate the rest of her spanish food, & then escorted her from work. we took the tram back over to manhatten, & then we went down to the financial district. we saw this band, "one ring zero," who are kind of a post-they-might-be-giants sounding group who sings songs written by famous authors. it was an npr hosted event, & there were readings by rick moody (he read about a rube goldberk machine, & the society to prevent autumnal imagery& who also played piano, guitar, danced & sang), siri hustvedt (who read about an old german jew who fled when he was a kid. geez, i've never heard anything like that before! but the part about his cloudy eyes was okay), & paul auster (who read a short story- well, true story- about saving some girls life when he was younger). there was also a guest vocalist who was paul auster's (hot, 17 year old) daugher, which means, since siri hustvedt is his wife, that his whole family was basically there. one of the songs was a rejection letter by michael chabon. it went on like that; it was fun.

then i had dreams about driving around with nazi spies? & they kept asking me why nothing was laquered. i thought "wait, what?" & then he started asking me about flying space octopi. then, i don't know, it got quid pro quo & really surreal. & anyhow, i think he was a post-nazi, like from a germany where wwii went diffrently. he kept mentioning that germany had 20 nukes. i kept insisting that north korea had more, & making fun of him about it.

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