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no "i voted!" sticker? talk about disenfranchised fucking voter! i'm fucking heart broken about it! i feel like tearing some shit up! speaking of tearing shit up, right, so i voted. i voted badnarik for president. other than that i pulled levers pretty willy-nilly. well, not totally. my voting agenda (again, i'd like to caveat this with my two cents- DEMOCRACY IS A BAD IDEA!) was to vote for third parties. i hate bi-partisan politics. bi-carmel, okay; bi-partisen, for suckers. bi-caramel, awesome. so i mostly voted "working families," which basically means i voted democrat, i guess. but there weren't all that many things to vote about, or all that many options. i just am glad to toss my vote into the bucket saying "not democrat or republican!" oh, for like, some justices i voted democrat, since it was only offererd as dem. vs. rep. i figure- well, in legislation, both parties want to restrict your freedoms- bear arms, get married to a dude, whatever. but i feel like republican/conservative judges are most likely to try to make something illegal via the courts, where as democrats are more likely to be arch-permissive. anyhow, i hate that the courts are some side-legistlature these days, but i'd rather be allowed to do something than not allowed. oh, i'm babbling, sure, but the point is, for them i voted democrat. man i should start a fascist party.

i hate that people want the president to be the king.
now i'm going to go try to sneak up onto the roof.

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