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alien driver!

oh No! i've been compromised! it turns out my girlfriend reads my online ("blog") diary! which means my Cunning plan is fucked! i was going to be Charming & (a/e)ffectionate! but not, how you say in the french, la romantique. the SEX. i have been/will be not a lover but a fighter! no time for the easy grave of little deaths! thats some tried-n'-true mechanism, right? pretend you don't care about fuckin' a chick & she'll be all over you? damn it, this is the problem here! before, you know, in mordicai-player-daze, i didn't care! not like i was fucking chicks, anyhow. my victorian sensabilities, you dig? okay, so new tactics are required:

Poll #377041 strategery.

my next move, in seducing this girl, should be:

shark attack!
red hots!
red robots!
classical gentleman abilities x2
top gun is a movie about faggots.
dream kid (angels at the bar)
this hurricane is a story about foglets.
take you to "lucky street!"
my magical boxers have jellyfish on them.

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