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rock me asmodeus.

rock on rock on rock on. oh & hell followed with me. dressed up all darth. lightsaber, cloaks, shit like that, you know. i'm spooky, except for when 50something ladies keep mistaking me for a priest. most people got the dark lord of the sith thng. i called some trick-or-treating old lady an "old sow" for mistaking me for a jedi. you know. on the way to the dnd game, i saw twins dressed up as cowboys. both were chewing on the ends of their pistols. so yeah, kids sucking on the end of the barrel. heartwarming, really! i shiver with joy. so then i played dnd (gerd also came dressed up- trek, though, boo!) game had a lot of us being competant! at least, as soon as i convinced mike that i should be immune to the surprise round 'cause i have all around vision- if 360' is all around on a 2d scale, what is all-around on a 3d scale? went back to the graveyard of the gods, too. killed the fuck out of a crawling head. fought a bad-mean storm cloud, too. more fucking bull shit from a exposition character! man, playing the cynic is fun. but the real deal is- plots within plots.

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