mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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lead me to the fountain in the square, drown me.

cozy fucking day! skies basically a downy comforter, little clouds fluffing around like goose feathers. oh this somnambulent boy, this sleepwalker we call mordicai. squinty eyed streaching! does it seem okay, does it feel quaint (like atheism)? oh you bet your sweet fucking ass, elizabeth barton. which, you know me. rise up strong, hate! it draws up out of my heart, bitter poisons that deaden my limbs & rise my bile to my throat. this is not real, i know it, i know it so. i know a magic dweomer, & i mean to use it. a gentleman must never be without his sword! or i'll take "straight razor" as an acceptable substitute. packing danger! a canticle of danger, thats what this diary is. most of it near misses! but boy oh boy, has no one needed an ass kicking more than me. but they just won't sink in, broken face or no! which must mean i'm undefeatable. after you shoot down my plane, red baron, i'll lurk in the forest, waiting to kill the search party with my knife. lets get ready to party!

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