mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

Phone Post: by chaizilla

493K 2:19
“ah hi, diddilly dee.
so, i downloaded the rom
of the sega genesis game warsong
which i played
many many aeons ago
in a guy i know's basement
just about once
and only enough to be
enchanted by it.
like the basic premise, you know
it's another hex combat game
well it's not even hex, squares
but ah, like
it's another one of thoser promotion games
although at the time it wasn't like
another one of those
i think it may have been like
the originating salvo
the opening -shot-
as it were
so yea you can like promote your guy through like
from fighter to either lord or knight
then from like
lord -- well right now i've only gone
i've only gone to the first tier of promotions
i've promoted my croccodile knight up to a
up to a knight, coz you know
puck being a being a
croccodile knight type, blue
and then i promoted my main guy from
fighter to lord and from lord to king
but i dont think anybody else can be promoted to king
my, one of my fighters has already been promoted to lord
i don't know what's next for him.
i think i'm going to try to make
one of my charachters a magic knight
i don't know, woolf(?) that, whatever
that's what i do sometimes at work
just play a little bit of that.
owners came today
but by then i'd had everything under control and locked down
and it was the most reponsible seeming of all
which, you know, huz-zah.
and now this
new guy
who hangs out like
in the cranny kinda between our store
and the pay phone and mcdonald's
and he's not like a hobo
he's maybe just a lunatic?
i, see i can't help thinking he's like
a drug addict but i don't know,
he spits an awful lot sometimes, i
i sometimes wanna
shake him and say go away from my store
but also like, maybe he's not, like
all that dirty.
maybe he's just some guy who's allowed to stand in a place.
difficult to tell.”

Transcribed by: mordicai

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