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the flap of the curtain (looked like a black eagle)

the organ music swells when our fine young adventurers walk into the lair. or some such shit. i don't know, what do i know, i know everything. jenny goes to los angeles today, the city of angels, leaving of course this here fallen angel to his own devices. my plan is a little more "give 'em hell" than collapse, i think. you know, its haikus about cherry blossoms, written by fucking samurai. its diamonds are a girls best friend solid. but oh the things i know with this head of mine. i know the weight of a shadow, thats what symon says. & i guess i do. i can tell you what the tears of the seraphim taste like. i can tell you with the barrel of a goblin's gun tastes like. i can read the weave of a flying carpet. oh heck. the sluice is closed, okay? take it around back- pick through the garbage, if you like.

anyhow, yeah, mostly yesterday went like this: having fun with jenny. tried to have sex with jenny. jenny got pissy because i tried to have sex with her. ran errands. walking outside in the cold preferable to the cold inside. we run vinegar through the coffee machine. i go to dungeons & dragons. meet the devil, kill a prince(ss) of hell. chased off a trickster god. okay. came home, went to sleep. kiss jenny this morning as she goes to work. she leaves from work for the jet plane, but i know when she'll be back again.

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