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harrowing adventures of messires garglefink & merewig, goblins esquire.

officiated an author's reading & signing last night, staying late. uh, the book was sailors on the inward sea, by thornton. anyhow, its apparently about j. conrad or some shit. during the reading itself, christopher & i took off into the hallways & i told him dnd secrets. all the things no-one should know. he was a-shiver! then we went back in, scored some cookies, had the mofo autograph the left over copies (7 sold, which i guess is good for one of these things), & then closed up shop. running a little behind the schedule i'd had in my brain. i had a schedule in my brain & we were a locomotive late into the station. but we rolled out, eventually, entertaining ourselves on the train by picking random numbers of tables in the dungeon master's guide & singing mis-matched children's songs in a round. the cool punk rock girl (an interjection- actually cool. i'm not being sarcastic, the punk rock girl is totally pulling it off) was half bemused, half annoyed that she couldn't take a nap. i think.

walking from grand army, peter & i met up with gravy_puddles, which was the total plan. she had her bangs on, as per my request. i flashed her the horns of the goat & she responded. i kinda figured out she was a satanist all on my own! i'm a sleuth like that. anyhow, we climbed & vaulted to "the great lakes brewing company." so, lets start off with a 5, like before. okay, dive-y interior, +1. okay dive-vibe. not being affiliated with the actual great lakes brewing company so far as i can tell? -1, but mitigated by the fact that its silly to have assumptions about a joint before going into it. so we're still at 6, right? us three talking about how all the smokers outside have all come from an orgy, & which was lying about birthcontrol (i wish my girlfriend would go on the pill) & which were lying about vd? +1, but thats a group thing, so as soon as we left it dissapeared. not having television, so i didn't have to listen to toolboxes scream at the television about baseball? +1. but for live music, coffee shop style? as in, solitary guitarist messing with the entire bars ability to have a conversation? -2. so i give great lakes a 6 over-all, if i added that up right.

then we went to loki, since lauren insisted that she owed a round. & far be it for peter & i to say no to a lady! we are sterling examples of gentlemen, warrent & watch. the very picture of gallantry. why, when lauren didn't want to finish her curdled irish car bomb (which i havn't had since my 22cnd or 23rd birthday) i drank the wretched rest! i guess i'll rate the loki, even though i've been there a bunch of times. okay, +2 for couches. seriously, a whole couch zone, which is loki's big selling point, as far as i'm concerned. +1 for a patio. i think +1 for a patio is standard these days, what with the new york city smoking ordinances. not like i'm a smoker? but on principle. a situational -2 for drunken screaming baseball louts, but i won't factor that in to the final analysis. unless thats what its like all the time now? there was an awfully big tv screen, but maybe it was rented? anyhow, reduce that -2 to a -1 since i think they were boston fans. which is not to say "go boston" but rather "fuck the yankees." oh, -1 because my sneaking suspicion is that loki is far to trendy to actually be bearable. so i give it a 7, mostly because of the couches & reduced because too many awful park slope people go there. to be clear, i am an awful park slope dweller (note lack of "person"), but i'm a diffrent kind of awful then some.

then i came home & went to bed next to my already sleeping girlfriend.

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