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introspection is for suckers. like, do i feel neglected because i'm not getting laid, or like, do i really feel like i'm being taken for granted? i'll just go with sex being a real fucking vibrant manifestation of attention, of affection. but in my favor i do have all the pill-bugging last night. i'm not a torn & twisted husk when curled about. i mean, i'm not any more than usual. by usual, i mean. i'm unusual. i've got a diffrent set of major arcana. let me tell you about how elias of pard listed the crown & roots of the tree & the dragon. how he walked the labyrinth & how it drove him mad, how he named the words of god "aria" & then the dust buffeted him into just a skeleton. or well uh. how elias was driven, driven forth, driven like the snow. like the deserts miss the rain? the fuck? skeletons in barns. lets anchor on that- i've got that clearly in my head. that has to have happened, right? i'm awfully convinced. it was in the masterplan, i bet. i've got my copy of it here somewhere. oh & open wide, seagull. i've got all your fizzy tablets right here. (see how i totally skirted the issue of self-asssessment? i'm fucking awesome at this shit! i should be a, uh...what do they call 'em? guy. a person.)

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