mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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this weariness sinks into my bones & is there, through dark alchemies, transmogrified into something bigger. with wings of shadow. i darkle on, though. i don't mind; the mantra wells up on its own, these days. "one foot in front of the other." classic, but something to go by. i darkle on, i fucking put your sparkle to shame. lonesome exile i may be? but i've got a canny eye. i see you peeking in through key-holes at me, oh diademed demigods. is my quarrel with the dweller on the threshold worrisome? do you cast your sharp glances in towards where i burn at the computer? to where i darkle? think i can't hear you whisper "asmoday!" & all your other cat calls? fucking push me & i'll sweeny todd your ass. i'm fucking niebleung you with hedges of whisper-thin swords. my magic is still strong on that side of the veil, you fuckers. bring me more glimpses of the empire of magog. it'll give me a chance to practice my aim.

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