mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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so what to say? gnash gnash gnash. i'm fucking grinding my teeth together, everytime i forget not to. chronologically: got to carla & andrew's now-defunct apartment. moved most of carla's stuff over not more than a block. packed up the truck, ran into brooklyn to move andrew. came back to the upper east side, moved the rest of carla's belongings. voila. carla & andrew took jenny & i out to sushi, then gave us lines of rat poison. or uh, whatever. stupid trains getting home, except the d runs local, everything works out. so then we get home. walking here jenny keeps telling me she loves me. does gnashing my teeth make it sound like i'm broken? i ain't. i'm just, i dunno, filled with excess energy. pulling a long all nighter so i am sure to open the store tommorow. you know all that news.

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