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open the doors & destroy all the people.

bar review: the patio.

i've decided to start getting a drink on the way home from work with peter, in order to form a sage opinion of the many, many local spots there are. since it is a locus of power for me, we get off at grand army plaze, then dwadle down towards home in a discombobulated manner. so anyhow, yesterday the pub crawling began in earnest. we started at the patio, since i've heard gravypuddles mention it. i think. anyhow, i think i'm going to begin the rating with a 5. plain ole 5 when i walk into the place. then i'll adjust up or down from there. so, i don't know, patio. lets do the easy parts first! beer, typically priced. so no adjustment there. though i've never had soju, & they have some special of a can of beer & a shot of soju for $4. i don't know if thats a good value, since i only saw that after i'd ordered my bass. okay! so +1 point for having ranma 1/2 painted all over the wall. thats not too shabby. then the actual titular patio, right? let me interject- the nights are getting colder, & are now at a point where tables with candles make a substantial temperature diffrence. weird, right? anyhow, the patio had one of those wall fountain things, so +1 again. what are we at, 7? oh, right, music, music gets a solid B+, so i'm going to rate that another +1, so a grand total at 8. end result, i liked the joint. poppin' fresh, yo yo.

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