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now do you doubt that bird was true? FUCKER?

welcome to time travel. lets go, i don't know, 65 million years into the past. watch me plummet. see my crash, smell the reek of burning dinosaur flesh. i streak across the sky i struck across the sky. i even impact the atmosphere. fuck i'm black lightning, white devil. you know what? lets not time travel. is it worse in the first moments of loneliness or when you've been left alone for so long? which is worse, he asks? man, this part of my brain is out to lunch. here is an envelope, i've posted it to "the north pole" & put it in a blue box. let saint (st.) nick deal with my problem-child head. lets go to the cupboard & take my black heart down from a shelf. see it twist in its jar of formaldehyde. oh lovely heart, you bear in you so much hate for me. you're swell, you are the heart of a serial killer & you're stuck in that fishbowl. you know, heart, i have the grail. not the cup of christ, but the older thing, the cauldron. you know, those knights found it. it didn't save england, though. nothing could save england. except i guess winston churchill. i guess he's a hero. he lied & lied to keep the enigma cipher safe. he wave to folks & let them die. hard choices are what makes a hero admirable. & tasty. yawn those jaws wide, heart. wait, are hearts supposed to have fangs? i can't tell anymore what is & isn't wrong with me. whats diffrent because i'm an angel, whats broken, whats missing because i'm not a real boy. my temper is true, i'll promise myself that much, & shut up. shut up, you were right to cut the thread, the silver cord. sever the umbilical. wash your blade in the quicksilvered blood that poured forth. now, floating free in space. thoughtless & sincere in action, the grimmest samurai ever. lets slay the dweller on the threshold lets win our way through the armies. come on mario! you're princess is in this castle i swear it to you on your brother's grave. oh fuck i guess its time to put this heart back in its place, up on the shelf with all those terrible tools of my profession. nestle it snug in its space. i'll light an un-candle to burn dark for you, to keep you company in your long sleep. close your eyes, oh my villian's heart.

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