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crocodiles in tears.

feeling as jaunty as samedi's top hat. 1/600 of a six-million dollar man, & thats no exageration. this whole life is a party, a masquerade ball, so lift up your domino & lets hit the dance floor. writhing there, on the wood, under glass & steel. dreaming about buildings collapsing, toppling. about the sky falling. every day brings us one day closer to the end of the world- i can tell you that much. you're closer than you've ever been & now you're even closer. i see wizards in debate- some invoke the tree, some invoke the dragon. all those poor men working under a mad-man's thesis. nicodemus, the familiar of blaine, is perched on a man's shoulder. his face is goat-ish, eyes sunken into deep hollows, skeletal. his paws are women's hands, nails painted red. his tail boney, like a cat tail stripped of flesh. he whispers in a man's ear about labyrinths, about mazes. some wizards swear by woland, like lunatics themselves. as though someone else could accomplish what woland did. does. the sorceress in the cornor invokes nazr, ailu, old names with power. older warlocks shush her.

someone mentions gemma & the room goes quiet.

so what can i tell you, oh brilliant diamond? sparkle to me your questions. you want to know about plurality of being? you want to know what lyric tumbled from talesin's lips to bind me here to camelot? if m stands for mordred? how many pieces the mirror in snow white would shatter into if struck? do i look like fucking karnak? i'll tell you, there is only one inhuman whose name starts with m. i'll scream at that mirror, you fucking jewel of inquest. i'll find your flaw, beautiful. i can wait. if i'm your demi-god, i can wait. you sing to me like the lady of the lake. i'll be dagon, you be tiamat. i'll be murder you be premeditation. oh singular gem. you endless god-damn oubliette. i'll invoke the three arcana, you know. sword, crown, & gun. there names are almost laid bare. you want me to show you occult? oh i'll fucking name these things for you. gird myself about with what i am. you'll see my sigul, & you will know, oh perfection. no prison is inescapable; if zod can get out, than so can i. i can escape this negative zone, this fucking phantom world. i'll bring war to heaven & raze it if i have to. we're going home soon, we're going home.

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