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the thing about the pizza place across the street? if i went away for two decades, & came back to flatbush & went in to grab a slice? the guys would say "hey! what are you doing here! i havn't seen you in a while. you used to work in the book store that used to be across the street, right?" which is, in a way, a big part of the charm of brooklyn. it'll keep going after your gone, like a cuckoo clock, but it won't do anything crazy. places you know will still be there. other places will have become upscale or slid into the slums, but the people who work there will still go to the bar or restraunt you used to like. i don't know what i'm talking about, right? i'm working under some pretense that i belong in brooklyn, even though i've only been here for a year. but i like brooklyn. i guess eventually i'll have some legitimate right to claim it belongs to me. but as for now, i'm just the ghost that haunts it.

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