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so now i'm the guy in charge of kills at the store. meaning, basically, pulling books off the shelf to send back to companies (because they ain't selling). i can do it all from start to finish. you know me & killing. we're intimately related. i know the curves of her breasts & the scent of her navel. lady murder, oh your a heartbreaker, but i'm the bleak prince charming. lets test our mettle, shall we? in further work news? today david's pants split, & his ass was all hanging out (like: "yo. whas up?") & so i went to the jean store & bought him new pants. in book news, which is kind of related to store news, i am digging jonathan strange & mr. norrel in a big way. after that, probably the last dark tower book, then system of the world so there are a bunch of hard-covers in my future. but i got two free x-men books today. oh, snap; i think i'm going to go read 1602 now.

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