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yeah well, whatever. difuse the bomb. i'm at home, right, after an A+ day. my accompanying soundtrack is view to a kill which is totally rocking channel 37. go spike tv! christopher walken is sweet. jenny says "is that his british accent?" & i said "i dunno. its not a bad accent. because uh. in american, chris doesn't sound like anybody else. so i guess its reasonable to assume that in british he doesn't sounds like anybody else, either." so yeah, i real solid day. woke up late (too late to see little washu off, since i was doing the big doze). then i had my self entertaining morning, even with lovely girl in bed-time. then i woke her up & we had sex. i.e. i'm so much a fucking loverboy. got my shit together only in time to show up late for dnd. but dnd was pretty great too. i mean, the end fight with the carceri dragon? i've still got my heart in my throat. lets talk about anxious! not to mention my character only surviving due to his ability to use plane shift as a supernatural ability. & who'd he run to? his ex-boyfriend. oh drama drama. i hope next sunday we can get together early to finish up the fight. then i dunno, i got a ride home (cars are exciting!) & watching crappy dating shows with the girl. oh, & she bought the ghost paint brush on the neopets. so i'm left, i don't know, adrift in positive feelings. i feel like i can take on god & all of heaven for sure. i'll accept all fucking challangers. like? i could kill every angel in heaven one duel at a time. come on & fight me like ninjas in a b-movie, you anal drips. so how am i fucking doing? i dare you. i mean, i'm all daring. i'm bold & proud. usually i feel like shit. i mean, usually i'm trying just as hard to convince myself that i rule as i am trying to convince everyone else of the same. but today i'm all "danger? fuck. danger is when i feel like we're on the right track!" i wanna go a-whaling. or i mean, i want to join up with that satanic bastard ahab. plumb the depths.

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