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so jenny is still asleep & she's so scrumptious. i mean, really. bite, bite, bite. though i guess the bite marks on my shoulder would stand as a fair testimonial to my mordaciality. as in, bite-able am i! really though. a girl in bed is great as anything. she's all willowy legs & turning her shoulder into me when i get into bed to cuddle her. plus, she's pliant as hell when i want to feel her up. man, sleeping jenny has its merits. i mean, most of the time i'm bummed when she's out like a light, seeing as i want her to come & hang out with me. but i'm doing a decent job entertaining myself, which leaves plenty of room to be well inclined towards her. i mean, shoot. she's lying there without a care in the world, arms thrown up behind her head. its a second away from being that whole sexy model arching the back thing. she's always right there, right on the cusp of being kittenish. unless she's actually being all rouge superstar. she's drawn like a girl in a comic book! its so great. man, i'm a sucker for her. dumb old me.

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